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All Things Grain

Bulk foods by the pound

Creative Containers

From bulk grains and pastas to gluten-free flours—this is the place!
So high in protein, so easy to use
(with the right tools!), beans are true super foods!
From herbs & spices to nuts, seeds & trail mixes, granola & candy—it's all here!

Helpful Cookbooks

Calcium Central

Kitchen tools and gadgets

Fruits and Vegetables in all their varieties:
Fresh! Dehydrated! Freeze Dried!
Both powdered and liquid, all with GREAT shelf life!
For those of you with sensitivities to Gluten, we offer amazingly delicious, totally whole-grain options!

Fruits and veggies

Hand sanitizier and foaming soap

Protein Place

We're ever on the lookout for new ways to sweeten foods healthfully!
A heart-healthy oil that will store practically indefinitely? We have two varieties! Look here!
Excellent, quality meats with amazing shelf life—try our Wet-pack and Freeze-dried options!


Naturally Sweet

Healthy Oils

All those basic items that bring perfection to your baked goods!
Consider this your winter garden! Fresh and healthy greens in the comfort of your kitchen!
Not sure what to do with all that healthy food you've got now?
Check this out!

Non hybrid seed kits

Wheat Grinders

Back to beans

Need the tools to turn your kitchen into a haven of health?
You'll find them here!

The best tool for learning to use healthful grains in many ways!
All different shapes and sizes—the perfect way to store and use your healthy food!

Sprouts for living

Gluten Free

DE Clay

Don't want to worry about rotating the food in your 72-hour kits?
Need a quick meal for a campout?
This is your answer!

In six varieties that can make you totally self-sufficient!
"Dirt" kids can eat—and that you should too!

Trying to keep some of those all-too-friendly germs at bay?
Try these!


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